Work to Hire Project Available: Web Developer to Develop a Backend Platform


The efficiency of poultry production impacts the pillars of sustainability, including: social (welfare, food safety, food security), economics (production efficiency, consumer / retail prices), and environmental sustainability. There have been many improvements made to poultry production over the years (genetics, nutrition, housing, management, etc), yet, water is seen as "the last limiting factor" which needs to be addressed to optimize poultry production and increasing recognition throughout the industry of the importance of water quality for optimizing sustainable poultry production.

Producers are faced with many choices in terms of water quality solutions, making it challenging for producers to select the option best suited for their situation. Also, there is no central place for stakeholders in the poultry industry to easily access information on water quality issues and solutions.. Limited information is scattered in literature and much of it exists in the minds of experts and individual producers.

Poultry Water Quality Network and Functions of the Supporting IT Platform

Novometrix is leading the development of a Poultry Water Quality Network initiative, supported by key industry experts. This network will be supported by a backend IT platform that would serve the community of relevant stakeholders. The IT platform development is planned to occur as a multi-phase project. The following functions are part of the Phase I implementation:

  • Open access library/repository of relevant available data, issue/solution combinations, success stories, and case studies in various consumable formats (PDF peer reviewed literature, available PowerPoints and videos created by experts, excel calculator tools, data sets, media, links to external related websites, webinars, etc.). This library will ensure the continuity and legacy of water quality information and knowledge.

  • Education (of water quality issues, importance, solutions, and support resources) in the form of webinars, fact sheets, and info-graphic flow charts that assist producers using a holistic approach including issue identification/diagnosis, solution identification, evaluation, etc.).

  • Directory of relevant experts, resources, relevant companies/stakeholders, etc.

  • Fostering connectivity, collaboration, and innovation through an in-system communication forum between members.

    • Member asking of questions, posting of and finding answers offered by the member community, voting of most useful responses, etc.

    • Member posting of content, pending approval and cataloguing by an administrator

Additional features of the platform will include a member login (at organizational and individual levels) and registry including capturing relevant characteristics; and a user dashboard allowing for customization, including alerts, updates, preferences/settings, saved resources, user profile, etc.

 This platform will serve as an easily accessible, useful diagnostic and solutions identification resource for the industry with an initial focus on US and Canada but rapidly scalable to other regions and ensure the continuity and legacy of water quality information and knowledge.

Later goals of interest and value to the network as part of Phase II include creating standards for and certifying the efficacy of water quality solutions offered to the poultry industry, project collaboration capabilities (including project management, data integration and analysis of Network projects), reporting and Surveillance of water quality related-issues and linking to outcomes of interest, among others. Phase I development of the IT platform should be done with Phase II in mind.

Novometrix has performed an initial needs assessment of the IT platform. The following is a partial list of specifications:

Administrative System:

The IT system would be supported by an administrative system, which would allow for the following activities:

  • Editing

  • Resource management, including tagging

  • Analytics (e.g. of member searches)

  • Approvals of contributions

  • Monitoring

  • Data manipulation

  • Etc.


The IT platform will be developed with the following functionality elements:

  • Logical, easy navigation, including a user-friendly interface and dashboard where members can personalize various aspects of the platform.

  • Fast to load.

  • Easily scalable for future expansion to other geographical regions and for operationalizing Phase II.

  • Promote interconnectivity.

  • Easy search ability, including keyword grouping and relational search database.

  • Visually attractive and intuitive.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Fluid english (written and oral)

  • PHP, Zend Engine,Transactional MySQL,JavaScript, HTML5, JQuery.

  • Agile Development preferred, but not required.  

  • UI/UX

  • Experience building scalable platforms

  • Previous experience developing secure membership platforms

  • Experience with social networking platforms, forums.

  • Projects with highly intuitive/effective UI/UX experiences

  • Experience seamlessly integrating open source into projects

How to Apply and Submit Proposal and Budget/Bid

Novometrix is entertaining bids from potential vendors for this work to hire project. Although the initial bid is to rapidly develop and operationalize an IT platform that will support the Phase I functions (as described above), the opportunity exists for the successful vendor to be involved in Phase II at a later point also. The budget of $25,000 is approximate and flexible depending on developer experience. Please contact and cc’ to arrange a time to discuss this project in further detail. Please include in your email your proposed project approach and budget, and sample(s) of past applicable work/ portfolio.