CTO / Senior Web Developer

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Located in Waterloo, Ontario, iVenuto is a dynamic group of tech and marketing minds - creating exciting software to enhance the visitor experience. You'll find us in many lobbies, business foyers, schools and even some movie sets.  We lead our market and are happy to share our knowledge, growth opportunities and experiences with dedicated & driven individuals that share our vision of being the best at what we do.

Our latest work explores the integration of AI and cognitive services into how we improve the visitor experience.   We are also pursuing development in the areas of; robotic integration, facial recognition and indoor movement tracking with low-frequency Bluetooth.  We enjoy tackling challenging problems.  We’d like to hear from those with infinite curiosity, advanced level coding experience and a portfolio of technical accomplishments.


If you; run circles intellectually around your peers, thrive on leading the pack, can quickly understand the nuances of new technologies, strive for perfection but never really get there or receive satisfaction from turning the complex into the simple……then we strongly encourage you to reach out to us.


The successful applicant will be mentoring new developers and co-op students. In short, inspiring other bright minds to write code used by thousands of people daily around the globe.    For this reason, we look for the best of the best...smart, knowledgeable, capable and the strongest proponent of leading coding practices for producing & maintaining software in today’s competitive markets.


Our Stack:

  • Mongo DB
  • AWS R5, S3
  • Socket.io
  • Linux (ubuntu coreOS)
  • Nginx
  • Redis



  • Javascript (ES5, ES6)
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • iOS Xcode  (Objective C)


Our Frameworks/Libraries:

  • node.js,  (Grunt.js)
  • jQuery,  jSon,
  • React.js
  • Ajax.net
  • Swift iOS


Moving into tech stacks adopting:

  • Go
  • PostgreSQL


The Perks:

  • Impactful & challenging work
  • Competitive salary with ample time-off to recharge
  • Ability to shape & influence new developers
  • Professional development
  • New, modern, fun office space
  • All the tools you would expect.