Sales Development Representative

Who are we?

Do you love hot cars, cool tech, talking to strangers, and being on a winning team? This is the perfect opportunity for you to join the young, dynamic, and growing Alchemy crew to help us drive sales of ExoShield - our innovative nano-tech product designed to protect vehicle windshields and sensors for driver assistance systems.  Since our founding a few years ago, Alchemy has successfully graduated from YCombinator (Silicon Valley) and Velocity (University of Waterloo) programs and become the leading windshield protection film in North America today. Taking our business to the next level, we’re looking for a bright, bold, and energetic person to join our sales team and create new opportunities to grow our ExoShield reseller network.  


What’s the role?

We hope you like hats.  In this position, we need you to play the part of:

  • Scout - Research & identify prospective retail partners in the US and Canada for ExoShield

  • Filter - Conduct initial outreach and pre-qualification of target prospects

  • Answering Machine - First responder for inbound calls and email inquiries

  • Matchmaker - Set up discovery conversations between prospects and ExoShield sales reps

  • Seed Planter - Manage lead generation campaigns to harvest prospects

  • Private Eye - Comb through our partner data to identify stale accounts and opportunities to re-engage

  • Evangelist - Engage on Facebook, Instagram, and industry forums to rep ExoShield and drive interest

  • High Achiever - Meet monthly goals for prospects qualified and sales conversations created

  • Team Player - Work hand-in-hand with the sales & marketing team to do big things


Who are you?

Here’s what we’re looking for in the ideal candidate:

  • You’re dope! - positive, friendly, energetic, empathetic, and determined

  • You’re smart and resourceful - able to use different approaches to get what you want, not settling for the easy answer or getting discouraged when its not obvious

  • You’re intelligent & knowledgeable - able to understand the product (aftermarket hardware), the market (vehicle protection installers in the US & Canada), and the customer (drivers and exotic car owners)

  • You’re thick-skinned - remaining patient and persistent when being ghosted or rejected by prospects (which, lets face it, will happen) is critical

  • You’re a willing learner - curious, coachable, and open to critical feedback in order to grow in the role

  • You’re a slick communicator - comfortable cold calling, skilled at DM’ing on Instagram or Facebook, and focused on getting the next conversation booked

  • You’re a team player - supportive of your teammates, committed to your goals, accountable for your actions, and willing to step up in crunch time

  • You’re a tenacious self-starter - a proactive person that does what it takes to get the job done

  • You’ve got wild ambitions - we’re an amazing growing team with lots of room to progress for superstars

  • You’re a passionate car girl/guy - we work with hot cars and cool tech everyday so you will definitely love it


The Basics

At a minimum, you have the following:

  • Post-secondary education 

  • Demonstrably excellent verbal and written communication in English

  • 2+ years work experience in a customer-focused role

  • Are legally able to work in Canada

  • Sales experience in automotive, hardware, or other relevant fields is definitely an asset