DevOps Developer

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Greenfield Labs is the Canadian R&D Hub for Zenreach


  • Build & Release automation → build and deploy pipelines, deploy runtime
  • Developing and promoting conventions on production readiness and operational excellence
  • Observability → monitoring, alerting, logging infrastructure
  • Creating a great developer experience by designing robust developer, test environments and workflow automation
  • Automation and support of our AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Building tools to support product engineering in the above areas
  • Design and execution of solutions that solve our most critical scaling problems


  • Experience with Amazon Web Services or another cloud provider
  • Familiarity with Docker (We are heavily invested in Docker)
  • SQL and NoSQL database experience. We use MongoDB, Cassandra, and Postgres
  • Software Development experience in a production environment
  • Understanding of Networking & Operating Systems fundamentals


  • Experience with infrastructure automation tools (like Ansible, Chef, Terraform, etc)
  • Built and/or maintained clusters of Kafka, Spark, Zookeeper, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, MongoDB, Postgres, etc
  • Understanding of how to scale internet facing distributed systems
  • Have built Build & Release automation using Jenkins


Be Committed: Work hard, Own the problem, Learn

Create Trust: Do what you say, Create trust with our Clients and Colleagues

Be Bold: Experiment, Speak up, Hope is not a plan

Deliver High Performance: Prepare, Commit, (over) Deliver