Software Developer

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About the Job

We believe in providing our clients with complete solutions revolutionizing manufacture and warehousing. Clearpath provides system software that allows its customers to direct and monitor their fleet of robots without having to worry about the details. We're looking for a Software Developer to help our robots talk to each other efficiently and collaborate to complete their mission.

Your goal is to help build a system of robust, efficient, software that will operate at a high level of reliability for years in the field. You will work as a member of the Clearpath development team to deliver properly engineered solutions.

Your primary responsibilities will be:

  • Design and implementation of custom software, ranging from low-level robot control code to fleet communication and application development ( C/C++, python, ROS )
  • Architecture development, in conjunction with our Autonomy and Fleet management teams
  • Participating in team-wide code and architecture reviews

About You

You want to work for a fast-paced growing company that thinks big and dreams huge. You are driven, view work as more than just a job, and are never satisfied with less than 100% effort. You want to be surrounded by people like you; creative, fun-loving, and passionate about their work. You are motivated by making an impact on your workplace and you thrive on challenging and rewarding problems.

Your software is reliable, to the point where you'd be comfortable sealing it in a box and sending it halfway around the world. You are a bridge between the embedded software domain and Linux hosted applications, as long as it is well layered. You like the thought of working on projects that interact with the world, even more so when they can do so on their own. You're looking for a job where you get to interact with a diverse team and learn something new every day. We can't promise it'll be interesting or relevant, but it'll be new!

Required Experience/Skills:

  • 3+ years C/C++, PC Linux and embedded, networking
  • Experience working in a multidisciplinary team
  • Experience with source control, code/design review processes, etc.
  • Moderate to strong Linux platform experience (more than CLI, bordering on kernel compilation)
  • A die-hard believer in unit testing and S.O.L.I.D. principles

Bonus points for:

  • Python
  • Robot Operating System ( ROS )
  • System benchmarking, performance analysis and code complexity reduction
  • General mechatronics interest / experience
  • Experience with rigorous software testing and continuous integration processes