Hiring Entry Level Engineers - New Grads (Fall 2019/Spring 2020)

Engineers Wanted!

Broadway Technology is recruiting college students who are graduating in fall of 2019 or spring of 2020 for full time entry level engineering jobs.

Broadway Technology is a software company that develops and licenses high-performance distributed systems that make the business of trading and transacting money (and other financial assets) easier, faster, safer, and smarter for everyone involved.  Our technology makes it simple to create, combine, and extend large-scale, intelligent software integrations in ways that were never before possible. 

As pioneers within our industry, we search universities to find top talent.  People who are naturally compelled to figure out what works and why - enthusiastic crafters, outside-the-box thinkers, and brilliant self-starters.  No stuffy corporate office.  No dress code or business attire (unless that’s your thing).  No endless meeting schedules.  We build amazing software that solves real-time problems with some of the greatest thinkers around the world, and we love doing it.

If you are someone who is eager to make an impact in a collaborative environment, where you can both lead and learn – then we want you! 

What do we do?

We are a tech company that engineers, deploys, and manages end-to-end high frequency, low-latency, distributed trading systems to allow some of the largest banks in the world to do around the clock algorithmic trading.  We build the software and provide APIs to allow those banks to focus wholly on what they do best: modeling and predicting the direction of the market based on real time data that flows through our applications.

What can you expect?

Next summer you’ll join Broadway's Dojo training program, which will transform what you learned in college into skills necessary to become a seasoned engineer and leader.  Through classes and hands-on exercises, our top execs and technical experts will teach you what we do and how we do it.  Your Dojo experience culminates with your whole class collaborating to create and release a brand new Broadway product to our customers!  After exiting the Dojo program, you’ll work directly on the frontlines.

We’re recruiting the following technologists to join Broadway’s 2020 Dojo Program:
(Please apply to this job posting if you are interested in either role described here)

Software Engineer: (Austin, TX and Waterloo, ON)

  • Work in C++ and Python to design, implement, and release state-of-the-art components and applications for mission-critical, high performance, globally distributed systems related to automated trading
  • Produce exemplary code and deliver completed projects on time
  • Connect code to solve business problems
  • Collaborate with client-facing technical consultants to ensure that development efforts truly meet customer needs

Software Consultant:  (New York City, Austin, TX and Waterloo, ON)

  • Work directly with our customers to develop, enhance, and release sophisticated applications for mission-critical, high performance distributed trading systems
  • Customize Broadway’s highly configurable products to assemble novel solutions that achieve client business objectives, putting yourself on the forefront of our R&D efforts
  • Extend system capabilities in Python, C#, and/or JavaScript

 Why Broadway?

  • Drive your career – we are a culture of self-starters and problem solvers who work independently in a collaborative, project-driven work environment
  • Contribute today! You’ll be making an immediate impact and have the opportunity to see your work being used by some of the worlds’ largest financial institutions
  • Be mentored by top industry technical leaders to ensure effective coordination and integration between interrelated projects
  • Collaboration in a high-performing team environment – you’ll get visibility into all areas of Broadway’s business and won’t be siloed
  • Not a stuffy corporate culture! We are deeply committed to building a company that empowers people to think outside the box and make an impact

 What do you bring?

  • Computer Science, Mathematics or related degree
  • Applicable internship experience

More About Broadway Technology

Broadway Technology is a software company that builds and sells low-latency distributed systems, primarily for use in financial applications like trading bonds, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies. Our software has powered the world’s most critical systems at top financial institutions and controls well over $125 trillion in business annually across five continents.  Our proprietary software platform is an open, flexible, complete solution for screen and automated trading operations of any size and complexity

Founded in 2003, Broadway has nearly 200 employees worldwide with offices in New York, Austin, London, Waterloo, Toronto and Christchurch. Our founders are industry-recognized innovators (as well as MIT and Cornell alum) with advanced CS/engineering degrees and 15+ years leading high-tech ventures.

We take a rapid, methodical approach to development; and we focus on creating solutions that solve our clients’ immediate needs, yet can evolve and scale as needs change.  We believe that creating the best technology is not enough. We have a deep commitment to providing the best service and support in the industry. We partner with our customers to solve the hardest problems they face and ensure they achieve their goals. We are hands-on and solutions-oriented, and understand that we succeed only when our customers succeed.