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Roadmunk is a high growth start-up in a fast moving and highly competitive market. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of our users psychology and our ability to produce simple solutions to complex problems.

Roadmunk was inspired by a problem our founders experienced personally: there was no simple way for product managers to build and share roadmaps. So, we built an app to help companies create roadmaps of all shapes, sizes and types. Our goal is to make strategic roadmapping quick, effective and collaborative.

The most forward-thinking product teams (we’re talking in the thousands here) from top companies like Amazon, Disney and eBay are using Roadmunk to align all of their stakeholders and execs using beautiful, crystal-clear roadmaps.

From day one, we’ve built our app, business and culture around our people-first values. These values are the driving force behind everything we do:

  • Start with empathy
  • Driven to succeed
  • Trust through transparency
  • Build with balance
  • Always learning
  • Fun together

We’re really proud of the culture that we’ve created together. At Roadmunk, you'll be joining a welcoming, supportive and fun team that will make sure you have all the things you need to be successful in your role.



As a rapidly growing company, we work hard to understand our customer’s needs and quickly deliver quality solutions that enable them to define, execute, and communicate their product plans through roadmap visualization.

We’re looking for a talented and resourceful engineer to make a measurable impact on our business by joining our new product growth team. This role will focus on activities that directly optimize user activation and retention — such as on-boarding, notifications and A/B testing. Taking a data-driven approach, you’ll work cross-functionally with members of our engineering, product and marketing teams to drive significant user engagement across the customer journey.


What does success look like in this role?

Fast forward a few months, and you’ll be:

  • Rapidly experimenting with changes to our notifications, on-boarding workflows, and in-app tutorials (to name a few)
  • Running multiple experiments at the same time using A/B testing frameworks and gathering data to support your findings
  • Failing often - weird, huh? You'll know you're succeeding because you'll be pushing experiments that won't pan out and thats awesome!
  • Researching how other companies are doing these things - because we're not the types that think we know everything already
  • Constantly learning our tech stack, the customer, and the product workflows
  • Attending and maybe even presenting topics at lunch and learns
  • Focused on continuously improving our delivery of secure, testable, and supportable code


How many years of experience do I need to have?

We aren’t looking for a certain number of years. Just show us you know what you’re doing, regardless of how long you’ve been doing it.


What tech stacks should I know?

We're on the NodeJS stack with a MongoDB. Our front-end is transitioning from KnockoutJS to Vue. We go to great lengths to maintain a clean and extensible architecture. We also support a cross-OS development environment via Docker so choose whether you want to run OSX, Linux, or even Windows as your development environment. Any experience in these areas is a benefit.


Anything else required?

This role can be supported out of our Toronto or Kitchener office. We value teamwork and that makes communication skills important - especially the ability to ask the right questions. The interview process will help us identify how you solve problems and we’ll be looking for you to show off strong analytical skills.


We know we’re not alone in boasting things like flexible working hours, on-site snacks, monthly team social events, and the occasional dog in the office. That has become table stakes in this job market. Where we are different is our constant focus on code quality, reducing our time to market, ensuring balance and diversity across our teams, providing you direct contact with customer facing team members and the actual customer, and most importantly, developing our team members.

But just in case you need us to be specific...

  • Full health benefits package from day one
  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • Monthly social events
  • Annual health & wellness allowance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Diverse projects, cutting-edge tools and freedom to experiment!!