Software Test Lead

Who we are and what we do

Mappedin is building the leading platform for businesses to help their customers search and discover the indoors. Our story starts at the University of Waterloo, when the founders wished they had a way to navigate the sprawling campus. The old, out-of-date building plans posted on walls seemed painfully primitive in today’s digital world. They quickly realized the same challenge existed among many indoor spaces. To enable search and navigation indoors, Mappedin set out to build the best tools for property owners to manage their dynamic spaces. Mappedin works with the ten largest malls in Canada, the largest retail REITs in the US, and in stores, hospitals, campuses, and airports around the world.

At Mappedin, we practice continuous deployment, where the software testing process is critical to the success of this strategy.

Who you are and what you’ll do

You love to break things and will find ways to make our products more robust. We expect you to be passionate about quality and have high standards for what gets delivered to our customers.

As part of the Engineering team and reporting to the CTO, you will be leading our software testing team to help test our web-based management consoles, kiosks, as well as our web integrations:

  • Define Mappedin’s testing strategy and determine what needs to be tested and how it should be tested
  • Embed your testing process into the development process
  • Improve the efficiency of our testing platform and reduce testing overhead

The ideal candidate likely has experience in one or more of the following areas as well:

  • Experience leading software testing professionals in a software company
  • Automated web application testing
  • Solid understanding of Scrum methodology
  • UX/UI knowledge and/or experience
  • Experience with Git or any other version control tool
  • JavaScript testing experience
  • Continuous deployment experience

What are some challenges?

We’ve identified gaps within our current testing process and recognize that we need to bridge those gaps. We are expecting rapid growth for our company within the next few months and now more than ever, we need to ensure that our product quality stays high. The Engineering team will look to you to help guide how Mappedin can bring consistency to our testing process while maintaining our ability to deliver quickly.

Behind the scenes

We use a variety of technology and tools that currently include Sahi for test automation, JavaScript, React, Redux, Three.js, Webpack, npm, WebGL, Node.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Swift, SceneKit, OpenGL, Kibana, AWS, Github, and JIRA.

There’s a lot of trust here at Mappedin. We work flexible hours, have a flexible vacation policy and work to provide whatever hardware or office equipment you want to help you do your best work. We will do whatever it takes to get things done if we said we would do it. We stay curious and will always ask each other questions, rarely making assumptions. We recognize that we are all different and will challenge each other’s views and perceptions from time to time, resulting in constructive and healthy debates, but that never stops us from all eating lunch together every day. If you want to join our sports team, there’s a blank bright orange jersey here waiting for your name to be printed on it.

Lastly, if you’re allergic to cats, don’t worry! Our office cat stays on the other side of the office and won’t bother you unless you decide to work in the collab area there.