Lead Software Engineer

Are you interested in guiding a team of highly capable, developers creating innovative and high quality measurement and robotic technologies for a range of infrastructure inspection applications.

2G Robotics is committed to a collaborative culture of innovation focused on the development of advanced measurement systems for the installation, inspection, and maintenance of the world’s subsea assets.

We are looking for candidates with expertise using industry best practices for software development. You will be responsible for the overall software solution and archetecture, executing on the development activities themselves and provide technical guidance within the team in addition to helping manage development priorities.

About 2G Robotics

2G Robotics’ mission is to design and manufacture the best imaging and 3D measurement equipment for subsea surveys and inspections to ensure safe offshore operation and mitigate environmental damage precipitated by subsea asset failure. The company is dedicated to advanced research, development, and engineering for the production of cutting-edge underwater inspection solutions. The foundation of 2G Robotics is its wealth of engineering expertise in the development of innovative and reliable systems, which has led to the success of its market-leading ULS line of underwater laser scanners. These scanners have been used on all seven continents at extreme depths for a range of underwater inspections, including the high-profile Costa Concordia salvage operation and HMS Erebus exploration.

Our technology consists of internally developed mechanical, electrical and software systems. Our products incorporate systems of distributed processors and software with both realtime and non-real time elements utilizing a variety of high speed communication protocols through the systems.

About The Position

The lead software engineering position is multi-faceted, requiring someone with a range of technical skills, project management capability and people management potential.

The successful candidate will have strong electronics and software development experience, be able to lead software architecture design, take part in implementing the solution and provide guidance to others on the team regarding industry best practices.

Working with a relatively small but growing team of 6 to 9 people, you will be responsible for prioritizing work to achieve the overall system design requirements.

2G Robotics recognizes that developing our internal teams and culture is critical to employee satisfaction and the success of the company as a whole. You will both benefit from this culture and become a key part of facilitating this within your team.



Absolutely Must Have:

  • C++ (5+ years of experience with solid fundamentals of the language)
  • Degree in, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field
  • Demonstrated system architecture design for distributed processing systems
  • Interest in leadership and mentorship

Experience in the following would be an asset:

  • Software
    • Distributed computing architecture design
    • Libraries including STL, Boost, VTK, PCL, Eigen, Qt
    • Web programming and cloud computing
    • Image processing and sensor fusion
  • Project Management
    • JIRA
    • Experience working in an environment where priorities can shift quickly