Software Developer

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What we’re hoping you will achieve …(circa 2020) one year from now..

Your potential story, one year from now…….We’d like to thank you for your contributions to our software products that helped the company achieve a consecutive year of triple-digit revenue growth, two more industry awards, and record customer satisfaction levels.  Here are some of your contributions as a member of our core software development team:

  • Developed a new business intelligence software module that helped our customers maintain a pulse on key business performance indicators and troubleshoot operations problems ten times faster than what was possible before. You developed algorithms and dashboards that took the complexity out of data analytics and made data understandable and actionable to ordinary users.
  • Utilized efficient algorithm design and modern web technologies such as TypeScript, Angular and NET (C#) to create dashboards that have beautiful design and instant response time. The product received more industry awards.
  • Contributed numerous refinements to our existing business intelligence product through the development of new features as well as refactoring existing code to make it more efficient and object-oriented. These refinements made it easier for the dev team to work with the code base and sped up our internal development cycles by more than 10%.
  • Helped invent new solutions to customers’ business problems by collaboratively working with product managers, co-developers and customers in rapid iteration cycles to test/refine ideas and prototypes. You then championed the solution through all stages of the software development cycle, from concept, design, development, launch, post-launch usage measurement and fine-tuning. Customers love the solution and have provided excellent testimonials.
  • Went beyond the “minimum required” and advanced your knowledge of new software tools, agile programming methods, business intelligence technologies and shared your knowledge with your development team, thus catalyzing process/technology changes that helped them be more effective in their careers.

We can’t wait until next year. Now Back to Today. If you’d like this story to be yours, fill out the application below.

Basic requirements

  • Experienced software developer. 2-5 years of experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS/Angular (or other modern front-end stacks)
  • Experience with relational database programming (SQL)
  • Experience with object-oriented languages such as C#, C++, Java, etc.
  • Solid understanding of functional and object-oriented programming concepts and design patterns
  • Educated. University degree in Computer Science / Software Engineering or related technical discipline
  • Have an eye for design. Competence in the design of user interfaces and dashboards is an asset
  • No criminal record and licensable to work in a highly regulated industry.