Software Developer - Internal

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Who we are

The company: Tangam helps casinos to optimize their table games operations through effective resource allocation and staff scheduling. Our software takes the complexity out of data analytics and makes data understandable and actionable to ordinary users.

The team: Our job is to ensure the company is not overwhelmed with data and client relations as our client-base increases.  We are constantly looking for inefficiencies in company operations (long-running, manual, or error-prone processes) and inventing creative ways to remove them.  Our goal is to handle 5 times the volume of data without requiring 5 times the effort.

What you’ll do

Tangam is set to significantly expand its operation over the next two years, and we need someone on board with a keen eye for identifying bottlenecks as they arise and the ability to create solutions.  You’ll develop automated infrastructure to take care of internal tasks, which includes conceptualization / analysis, UX, implementation, deployment, and maintenance.  You will assist in the customization and configuration of our company products before they’re installed with clients.

What you will need

            We use a variety of frameworks and languages (those listed in brackets are examples of what we use at Tangam, but not an exhaustive list).  You should have 2 to 4 years of experience with an object-oriented language (we use C#), a front-end framework (we use Angular), and a relational database (we use MS SQL).  You should also have some experience with data visualization software (we use Tableau and MS Excel).  We are looking for an intermediate-level developer with the ability to do some statistical & mathematical analysis when needed.  You must also have no criminal record and be licensable to work in a highly regulated industry.