Full Stack Developer / Head of Engineering

What we do

Arylla is a team of 7 people taking on the $1 trillion counterfeit industry. We believe the best way of eliminating counterfeits is to give genuine products a unique identity that is easily verifiable, permanent, and difficult to replicate. Our first product is an invisible ink used to print serial numbers on products that can be read with any smartphone. We use a combination of computer vision and advanced colour analysis to detect fluorescence from the ink through an image taken with the smartphone.

We piloted the solution with brands from across Europe and North America over the fall. These brands are now ready to roll out and we are looking for an ambitious developer to oversee that process!

Working at Arylla

  • Bring a new product to market
  • Design/build our tech stack from the ground up
  • Have the resources to experiment with new product ideas
  • Be part of a talented/driven team
  • Learn the basics of starting and scaling a company

About the job

We currently have a set of algorithms that are able to detect the invisible ink. To pilot the solution, we packaged those algorithms into a basic smartphone app that employees from each brand downloaded for testing. Now that we are deploying the solution at scale, these brands need a way to embed those algorithms into their consumer smartphone app and/or ERP system. We are looking for someone to make that happen. This person will be responsible for translating our algorithms into an MVP (API and smartphone app systems) that can be deployed across multiple customers around the world. They will also be required to interface regularly with the head of each team (business, materials, and software) to define and meet product development milestones. We expect this person to eventually become our VP of Engineering and oversee Arylla’s development team.


  • Bachelor’s education in relevant field
  • Proficient in iOS (Objective C) and Android (Java) development
  • Some experience with back end and API development (AWS)
  • Basic knowledge of computer vision and image processing
  • Bonus points if you have worked with C++ or Python


  • API development and management
  • Front end development to support pilots for new customers (includes some design)
  • Work closely with the software team to make improvements to existing code
  • Interface directly with customers to integrate API with their IT infrastructure (includes ERP systems, content management systems, etc.)