Senior Mirco Printing Engineer

From device fabrication to integrated-circuits, hardware, software and system design, the VueReal team carries an extensive experience of what it takes to make over the display industry.

YOUR typical day during our integration phase

  • Receive training on VueReal’s and other relevant technologies
  • Learn about VueReal’s MircoPrinting process
  • Assist in maintaining and identifying areas for improvements within the labs you’ll be working in
  • Participate in all safety training
  • Help to establish our work environment, and safeguard our culture
  • Participate in team building events in all capacity

YOUR typical day post our integration phase

  • Will assist in the present bonding processes for microelectronic and optical devices
  • Help optimize fabrication steps of devices to be more compatible with the bonding process
  • Help with the integration of small components into large area devices
  • Testing and analyses of the integrated structures
  • Developing innovative solutions for various challenges
  • Participating in the improvement and development of our technologies
  • Keep the facility in excellent functional and operational conditions
  • Helping to establish our work environment, and safeguarding our culture
  • Assisting in growing the team by actively participating in finding proper candidates, involvement in the assessment process, and the training/integration process
  • Participating in team building events in all capacity

YOUR VueReal opportunity at a glance

  • A fun, collaborative, and creative environment
  • Multidisciplinary teams with significant opportunities to learn from each other
  • Open concept office and culture cultivating inclusiveness, fairness, and transparency
  • A chance to grow with the team
  • A startup backed by major industry players
  • A clear roadmap for the successful adoption of the technology (The team has developed critical enabling technologies for micro-LED displays during the past two years, and is working on integrating the technologies in products during the next two years)

YOU will be a great fit if

  • 7 years experience  with micro-electronic/ optic assembly technologies is an asset (die bonding/ flip chip processing/ wire bonding/ optical alignment
  • Familiarity with micro- and nano-joining and nano welding
  • Familiarity with ACA bonding.
  • Familiarity with polymer adhesive bonding.
  • Knowledge of mechanical (tensile strength, shear force, etc), thermal and electrical stress analyses
  • Hands-on experience on different techniques for packaging micro-electronics
  • Familiarity with testing and characterization of assembled structures including SEM, IV, etc.
  • You enjoy overcoming challenges and developing innovative solutions and ideas with perseverance, smart planning, and learning
  • You excel in a team environment; you can contribute to a highly multidisciplinary team, and you are not afraid of your ideas being challenged
  • You are genuinely looking forward to building something bigger than yourself
  • You can easily communicate technical and non-technical topics with the team in both written and oral format
  • If you identify a risk or opportunity, you are willing to dig in more and discuss it with the team
  • You are eager to do what it takes to achieve the end goal

YOUR extra skills that are beneficial

  • Experience in a lab environment
  • Experience with fabrication