Optical Test Specialist

From device fabrication to integrated-circuits, hardware, software and system design, the VueReal team carries an extensive experience of what it takes to make over the display industry.

YOUR typical day during our integration phase   

  • Receive training on VueReal’s and other relevant technologies
  • Learn and receive training on VueReal’s characterization equipment, tools  and system platforms
  • Help to establish our work environment, and safeguard our culture
  • Participate in team building events in all capacity

YOUR typical day post our integration phase

  • Characterization of semiconductor devices to gather as much data about the device as possible to determine weaknesses in design or trends in the manufacturing process.
  • Participate in testing procedures for each device.
  • Developing innovative solutions for various challenges
  • Participating in the improvement and development of our technologies
  • Helping to establish our work environment, and safeguarding our culture
  • Assisting in growing the team by actively participating in finding proper candidates, involvement in the assessment process, and the training/integration process
  • Participating in team building events in all capacity

YOUR VueReal opportunity at a glance

  • A fun, collaborative, and creative environment
  • Multidisciplinary teams with significant opportunities to learn from each other
  • Open concept office and culture cultivating inclusiveness, fairness, and transparency
  • An opportunity to grow with the team
  • A startup backed by major industry players
  • A clear roadmap for the successful adoption of the technology (The team has developed key enabling technologies for micro-LED displays during the past two years, and is working on integrating the technologies in products during the next two years).

YOU will be a great fit if

  • Experience with display/optical measurement equipment (imaging colorimeters, spectroradiometers, integrating spheres, Luminance meters, optical detectors and components, oscilloscopes, SMUs, probestations).
  • Experience or knowledge in Photometry, radiometry and colorimetry
  • Programming and automated test platforms (e.g. C#, C++, VB.NET, LabView).
  • You enjoy overcoming challenges and developing innovative solutions and ideas with perseverance, smart planning, and learning
  • You accel in a team environment; you can contribute to a highly multidisciplinary team, and you are not afraid of your ideas being challenged
  • You are genuinely looking forward to building something bigger than yourself
  • You have a relevant Bachelor’s degree or diploma (e.g. mechanical engineering, computer science, etc. )
  • You can easily communicate technical and non-technical topics with the team in both written and oral format
  • If you identify a risk or opportunity, you are willing to dig in more and discuss it with the team
  • You are willing to do what it takes to achieve the end goal

YOUR extra skills that are beneficial

  • Clean room experience

About us:

VueReal is enabling the next paradigm shift in the electronic system by providing a bridge between nano/microdevices and large-area electronics platforms (e.g. displays, sensors, system on panel, and more...).  We have started by making the true-life experience of Micro-LED displays affordable for all applications (TV, laptop, smartphone, virtual reality, and augmented reality). Micro-LED integration into display substrate can offer up to ten times power saving, significant performance enhancement (higher brightness, colour purity, and high contrast ratio), versatile functionality and different form factors (flexible system), and more reliability compared to OLED and other display technologies.  These displays are now achievable and affordable by VueReal’s highly efficient micro-LEDs and its integration technology for transferring millions of micro-LEDs into the displays at high throughput, high yield, and low cost. Recently, we released the news for our development of a 4K micro-LED display array at over 6000 ppi achieving the highest PPI emissive display in the industry.

VueReal is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without discrimination in regard to any condition or characteristic protected by applicable laws and regulations. If you need assistance and/or a reasonable accommodation due to a disability during the application or the recruiting process, please send a request to career@vuereal.com.