Machine Learning Engineer

About you:

You're a brilliant engineer and problem solver with an aptitude for machine learning. You've built models and classifiers to accomplish a variety of real-world tasks and are well acquainted with the challenges of deploying machine learning systems in the real world. You love data which challenges your expectations, and you're excited to dive into the world of biosignals and wearable technology.

What you'll do:

  • Implement, evaluate, and deploy machine learning models for a revolutionary new wearable computing system
  • Employ signal processing methods and algorithms to transform and extract useful information from raw biosignal data
  • Work closely with software and hardware teams to define requirements, collect data, and build delightful product features

What you need:

  • End-to-end model and classifier development experience (collect, develop, test, implement) for various applications
  • General theoretical knowledge of modern machine learning systems and techniques
  • Strong statistical background and ability
  • Experience working with both real-time data and large offline datasets
  • Excellent coding skill in Python or similar
  • Advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in computer science, engineering, or equivalent
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Bonus points for:

  • Experience working in a product-driven organization
  • Experience leading a small team in a non-academic setting
  • Experience working with biosignals, IMU, and data from other wearable sensors
  • Experience with large scale production deployments of machine learning systems
  • Relevant personal projects and open source work
  • Proficiency with git

About us:

Thalmic is a hardware + software company building exciting technologies that will shape the future of human-computer interaction, backed by a world-class team of investors including Spark Capital and Intel Capital.

We announced our first product, the Myo gesture control armband, in 2013, and pre-sold over 10,000 units in the first 48 hours. Myo is now shipping worldwide, and has gone on to win numerous awards, such as Digital Trends’ “Best of CES 2014” Award for Cool Tech.

Day-to-day, we encourage unconventional thinking, thrive on great communication and debate, and know how to move quickly. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and promote continuous learning and improvement. Most of all, we set high standards and ambitious goals, and we’re passionate about building the best, most impactful products.