Cloud Security Hacker

## Hey you

Become part of a small team building the next big thing. Advanced network security, cloud native. 

Like cloud, kubernetes, networking, agile, git, CI, Python, C++, Go, messaging?

Have you ever wished you could send a Pull Request to life?

Want to learn the dirty inner secrets of security for the big fluffy clouds of Azure, Google Cloud?

Like working in a small, dynamic startup environment unhampered by a lot of process? Want to turbo-charge your learning? Specifically around network, application, and cloud security?

If someone says "My TLS is not working" is wireshark or tcpdump your go-to?

We value results, generalists over specialists, ideas & enthusiasm over experience.

* Continuous Collaboration

* Adapt to Change

* Equal Opportunity Merit & Respect

* Continuous Learning and Teaching

Uptown Waterloo. Startup experience. The latest tech.

Working to build an upcoming Software as a Service product focused on cloud network security.

Job Responsibilities: You will work as part of a small (~6) person team. You will work to integrate open-source (and send your changes upstream via pull requests), to create open-source, and to create&manage tooling.

  • design
  • develop
  • deploy
  • repeat


You should enjoy cyber security because it will be your job to live it and make secure products.

Required Skills:

  • git
  • bash
  • systems language (C/C++/Go/Rust)
  • Python
  • yaml

Like Angular (2+)? Mention that!