Project Manager

We are looking to hire a part-time project coordinator for a collaboration between Syngli Inc. (a startup in Kitchener-Waterloo) and a private K-12 school (in London), supported and paid by a government granting agency. This position will ideally be filled for a 10-12 month period, beginning between May and July 2019 and lasting through April or May 2020.


The collaboration aims to develop, test and implement a new approach to recognizing and treating language learning disorders among children. The work would involve liaising between both institutions, ensuring that Syngli’s educational software is responsive to the needs and feedback of the school, and helping to test that software with students, teachers, administrators and parents within the school.


The following kinds of experience are not required, though any would be advantageous:

- experience with the educational system, especially as an educator with younger children

- training in research, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, or language learning

- familiarity with computer science, machine learning, knowledge representation, or cognitive graphing

- work in software engineering, web or mobile app development, or UI/UX design

- roles in project management, product management, or business analysis


Syngli Inc. is a startup at the intersection of machine learning, neuroscience and education. We aim to solve the need learners have for more effective learning, and the need teachers have for more efficient student assessment. Our initial targets include the language learning, e-learning, and test preparation markets. Our core product is an intelligent tutoring system that includes algorithms based on principles of learning from neuroscience, a knowledge database structured in the form of propositional statements about the world, and an online user community collaboratively generating and refining the stored knowledge.