Product Owner - Big Data

As a Product Owner at ESCRYPT Waterloo, you will be working on solving tomorrow’s problems today.  By joining the team that is at the forefront of the exciting new technologies, you will be working with very talented people and you’ll be constantly challenged to push yourself and improve your skills. We will combine our security expertise and automotive know-how alongside your expertise to deliver solutions that will help drive the automotive big data industry.

About the job

We are currently seeking someone who is passionate about creating innovative enterprise level platforms and making use of the vast amounts of data that is available to be explored.


In the automotive ecosystem, there are large amounts of data being generated and captured – during development, measurements, simulations, ADAS, etc. This data is currently being under-utilized and involve massive manual processing to even make use of it. In order to transform the way the automotive industry develops, we are building an automotive big data platform that enables customers to effectively store, manage, process, and analyze this data.


If you want to join a team that is open, collaborative, innovative, and at the forefront of technology, then this is the team for you.



Working closely with the scrum teams, as well as the larger product organization, you would prioritize development efforts to meet the needs of products & customers on time.

  •  Define and align the product vision, roadmap, strategic goals, and ensure the stakeholders are on board
  • Actively participate in the Sprint events, including Planning, Standup, Backlog Refinement, and Reviews
  • Collaborate with the Technical Lead(s) and other stakeholders to write epics & features, and supply acceptance criteria detailed enough for the team to deliver successfully
  • Support the team by removing impediments that impact delivery
  • Ensure a consistent message on features and delivery goes out to customers & stakeholders
  •  Support, manage, and enable sales and operations to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Be a product expert and represent the market effectively
  • International travel



  • 3+ Years of Experience in software development including any of the roles product owner, senior business analyst, development manager, or quality assurance manager
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to interact effectively with senior management, customers, and partners
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (bonus for German speaking)
  • Proven ability to manage multiple time sensitive projects
  • Proactive in seeking requirements and reacting to market needs
  • Ability to write clear and complete value based epics and features
  • Experienced with Agile Scrum processes and methodology
  • Exposure to Big Data solutions



Why do people work at ESCRYPT Waterloo?

Musings from 4 year employee

I have a lot of creative work and flexibility

I have variety in the type of work I do

My hours are mine to distribute as I see the need and based on how I can help the team

I have the ability to work with a variety of teams

We use processes that allow us to innovate or kill quickly

David G.

Observations from a new employee

I enjoy working at Escrypt because of the collaborative atmosphere where teams collectively solve challenging problems. I appreciate how the work we put in delivers a smarter, safer future. Most of all, I love how the people here are not only intelligent and fun, but also personable, and honest.

Joyce Y.


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