Mechanical or Chemical Engineer

SusWork is a cleantech company focused on developing and commercializing our solution that converts organic waste and harmful Greenhouse Gas emissions into bio-methanol.
Our solution is a complete proprietary solution that addresses the treatment and reuse of GHG as well as all the stages of waste treatment processes for municipal solid waste, agricultural, and any biodegradable waste. The current focus of our project is on GHG conversion due to our participation in an initiative in Montreal, Quebec known as the Valorisation Carbone Quebec (VCQ) initiative that is funded by CO2 Solutions Inc. and the Province of Quebec. The purpose of this project is to source sustainable and commercial solutions to capture and reuse CO2 using the initiative’s industrial lung technology with industrial partners that emit GHG. SusWork Inc. was chosen to be a participant in this project and was recognized as part of the top 5 from hundreds of global applications. 

SusWork Inc. are looking for a Mechanical or Chemical Engineer to support us with the demonstration unit installation and commercial unit installation in potential customers.

- MSc. or PHd in  Engineering (recently graduated).
- Willingness to travel

Main duties:

- assessing project requirements
- measuring the performance of mechanical components, devices and engines
- agreeing budgets, timescales and specifications with clients
- maintaining and modifying equipment to ensure that it is safe, reliable and efficient
- liaising with suppliers
- undertaking relevant research
- producing and implementing designs and test procedures
- presenting designs to internal and external audience
- testing, evaluating, modifying and re-testing products
- writing reports and documentation
- providing technical advice
- analysing and interpreting data.