3 Internship Opportunities

About Powernoodle
Imagine a business environment where fresh ideas from [millennials*] are listened to with the same interest, attention and respect as ideas from the CEO.  Imagine being a catalyst to ignite thoughtful discussion.  Imagine elevating an organization’s digital prowess. (* Substitute: any generation, gender, culture, personality style, chronotype, …)
Imagine no more.  Powernoodle is a cloud platform that changes the way organizations make decisions. Not for the sake of change, but to achieve better decisions.
Here’s a scary report:  A McKinsey survey identified that “60 percent [of 2207 executives surveyed] thought that bad decisions were about as frequent as good ones.”  Wait, what?  Surely when a bad decision is being made there are some voices that aren’t heard or don’t/can’t speak up – like fresh perspectives that see the forest while others are counting leaves on trees.  Bad decisions don’t just happen, they are influenced and shaped by barriers – like distance and time and, especially, biases and dysfunctions.  They all get in the way of objective decision-making processes.
To counter these barriers, good decisions need a battle plan – a thoughtful framework to truly embrace Stakeholder Intelligence™.   Through Smart Anonymity, we ensure that all perspectives have equal opportunity to participate.    But don’t think of us a social network – we’re definitely not that.  We’re a cloud platform for better decision-making.
And that’s a great bridge to talk about the internship opportunity at Powernoodle for the right people.
The Opportunity
(for MBA, Management Science Graduates) We are seeking graduates who want to make a difference in how organizations make decisions by researching, designing, testing, documenting, and launching pre-configured Powernoodle Decisions Apps.  (This isn’t a programming opportunity … this is about designing and commercializing decision processes.)  You will be creating a robust inventory of Decision Apps that give organizations a frictionless path to adopt Powernoodle for better decision-making.  You’ll manage each Decision App from “C to C to C” – Conception to Creation to Commercialization.  You’ll get plenty of help along the way.

The Powernoodle platform is highly configurable, able to conform to any decision that needs to be make (or problem to be solved or recommendation to be given or idea to be explored).  At the same time, by taking advantage of the platform and the cloud, new methods and processes are easily discovered to improve the efficiency & effectiveness of decision-making and the quality & stickiness of decisions. 

Are you a fit?  You are if these describe you:
 Intrigued by decision process reengineering
 Want to apply cognitive and behavioral science to decision-making
 Like the idea of tearing up flip-charts, sticky notes, and having fewer, shorter, better workshops
 Want to learn how to take advantage of synchronous and asynchronous ways of working
 Want to minimize biases and dysfunctional behaviors in decision-making 
 Like the idea of getting a better understanding of the market for internal and external consulting
 Want to overcome distance and time much better than current technology
 Want to work with thought leaders in decision-making
 Want to be at the leading edge of digital transformation
 Want to work on the whole life cycle of a product – from C to C to C
 Want the responsibilities of delivering
 Hey, I might want to work at Powernoodle after the internship! 
Background and Skills:  
 Required.  MBA or Management Sciences Graduate. Logical thinker.  Creative.  Excellent research and communication skills, especially written. Experience working in business environments.  Proficient with Microsoft Office products.  
 Nice to have:  Experience developing/executing marketing plans. Basic HTML and web page development. 
 Bonus:  French.   Not required:  Coding experience.  This is not a coding role. 
Mindset Required:    
 You want to change how organizations make decisions.  
 You’re interested in starting the term working in the Stratford office (do you like music, plays, music, food, and the outdoors?) with a plan to split time between the Powernoodle office and your home office.  
 Coachable.  Desire to learn.  Can work independently and with a team.   Crave accountability. 

You’ll Use Your Background, Skills and Mindset to:  
 Raise your competency in facilitating decisions by learning Powernoodle
 Research candidate decision types looking for high impact opportunities (some market research)
 Investigate current decision-making methods and design better approaches using Powernoodle
 Test your design to see what works well and the opportunities for improvement
 Transform your hypotheses from research to product (typically a what/why/how document)
 Plan and execute commercialization  Be part of a great team! 
8 Month Internships start mid-summer  
Live out of town?  Two rooms available in a company-paid apartment  
Selection process includes formal interviews & assessment    
Unique opportunities for the right people