Corporate Records Manager

<p>Responsible to the <strong>Vice-President and Corporate Secretary</strong> to oversee and manage all aspects of the Corporate Records department by directing and monitoring departmental activities and ensuring compliance with internal policies and procedures.</p> <p>Manage Dealer investments (Equity and Promissory Notes), payment of principal and interest, T4A&rsquo;s and T5&rsquo;s and submission of filings to CRA.</p> <p>Manage processing of Dealer approvals and terminations.&nbsp; Review and approve compliance with Dealer conditions lists and ensure maintenance of conditions list relative to approval.</p> <p>Administer and manage the security files, provide direction for renewal and discharge of security registrations, provide direction relative to Postponement Agreements or Priorities Agreements as required and ensure maintenance of the security files and spreadsheets.&nbsp; Manage required insurance coverages, receipt and renewal of insurance certificates.</p> <p>Manage files relative to executed contracts, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Leases and Non-Disclosure Agreements.</p> <p>Manage the correspondence and process of financing agreements and Priorities Agreements with the banks.&nbsp; Ensure proper tracking and administering of Dealer financial statement files.</p> <p>Manage the processing and balancing of incentive and identification programs.&nbsp;</p> <p>Monitor the administration of the Diligent Board portal.</p> <p>Coordinate the maintenance of Dealer lists and Corporate Records content on Connect.</p> <p>Provide support and assistance to the Vice-President and Corporate Secretary as required to support the Board and Shareholder responsibilities.</p> <p>Other duties as assigned or identified as the position develops.</p> <p><strong>QUALIFICATIONS:</strong></p> <p>College Diploma with post-secondary courses in business, finance, accounting or legal is beneficial.</p> <p>5 to 10 years&rsquo; experience managing, leading, motivating and developing effective teams or equivalent experience.&nbsp;</p> <p>Excellent communication, written and verbal, relationship building and organization skills. The ability to multi-task and delegate effectively.</p> <p>Computer literacy with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access, Connect and Oracle.</p> <p>Knowledge of Home Hardware&rsquo;s systems and services would be an asset.</p> <p>Utmost accuracy, attention to detail and confidentiality concerning the organization.</p> <p>Willingness to work extra hours, as required.</p> <p>Fluency in both English and French would be an asset.</p>