Mobile apps lead

At Carnegie Technologies, we are a strong technical team that focuses on building premium alternatives to expensive operator systems.  We develop real, revenue-generating communications products that take advantage of the fundamental shifts in the communications technology ecosystem and create new market categories.

Our team is filled with innovators - we use new technologies and techniques to replace the unimaginative status quo.  And we come from many different backgrounds and levels of expertise, from those that have years of experience to those that are just getting started in telecom.

To us, craft and functionality are equally important.  We constantly learn and hone our skills and incorporate those experiences into every line of code.  We don’t ship “fast” solutions – we ship the right ones for our customers.  We’re also leaders that create quiet time to solve hard problems and the space to focus on the best result.

Ubiquitous access across licensed and unlicensed networks is becoming a critical element of service provider strategies to improve customer experience, reduce churn, support new revenue streams and reduce costs. Carnegie Technologies’ Network Convergence Platform provides the critical factors for success: a smooth user experience with our industry leading True Gapless Handover, Bandwidth Aggregation and Network Quality Analytics.

The Kitchener-Waterloo office builds intelligent connectivity software that improves and optimizes wireless networks. Our software is used on connected vehicles – where we seamlessly move traffic between networks, combine LTE and Wi-Fi for faster downloads, share smartphone data into the car, and secure network traffic – as well as on smartphones and tablets, where we monitor network quality, auto-login to Wi-Fi, switch between mobile networks, and advise on the best available network for web, video, and VoIP.

You’ll also have opportunities to work with our global development centers in Austin, Texas and Belgrade, Serbia on the other aspects of our Network Convergence Platform, including our Hi-Fi Voice and Messaging clients and other in-development products.

Our technology stack currently includes C/C++ (on Linux, Android, Windows), Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS), Bash, and Javascript (browser and server).

We were recently selected for an Automotive Supplier Innovation Grant that enables us to rapidly grow our team – come join us for this exciting stage in our growth!

Job Responsibilities

The Mobile Applications Lead will be responsible for designing and building the mobile applications within Carnegie’s Network Convergence Platform.  This includes applications for voice and messaging, connection management, IoT devices, and more.  You’ll be working closely with the leads building our traffic-handling network services, as well as the leads building our application web services to efficient, robust, secure, and pleasant to use.

We try to build common codebases that we can extend on to various platforms – Android, iOS, and others.  We’re seeking an individual with broad experience in this area to lead our coordinated app development effort and continue to extend our mobile apps team. Specific skills include:

  • Experience working on a common codebase with multiple platform targets, either through a combination of native + platform code, through HTML5 + Cordova/PhoneGap, or via Xamarin
  • Serious coding skills, in multiple languages – a Unix focus is OK, but some experience with Windows would be useful
  • Deep knowledge of mobile application architecture, including accessing web services, security, and designing for battery and performance
  • Wide knowledge of mobile topics, including designing for multiple screen sizes, internationalization, and device variations
  • Detailed knowledge of the various mobile app stores, the limitations they impose, and the processes for working with them
  • Experience with developing for quality & reliability, and how it relates to mobile applications in particular – automated testing, performance benchmarking, multi device testing, and continuous integration
  • Experience with front-end development – both in implementing from a UX/graphical design, and in doing a rough UI yourself
  • Some experience leading a development team and shipping products

This is a development lead role, so your days will consist largely of coding and code reviews – though you’ll also be spending some time each week architecting new components, refactoring old ones, releasing code to production, mentoring junior developers, managing external contractors, and planning new features with our product team.