Application Engineering, Simulation Developer

Position:          Application Engineering, Simulation Developer
Location:          Kitchener, Ontario              
Experience:      1-2 Years of relevant work experience
Division:          OTTO Motors
Area of Study:  Mechanical/Mechatronics/Industrial/Systems Engineering

NOTE: Must be able to travel to the U.S at time of application.

About Us

Clearpath provides self-driving vehicle technology and services to over 500 of the world’s most innovative brands. Proprietary hardware, software, and services are delivered through the company’s industrial and research divisions: Clearpath Robotics and OTTO Motors.

We employ a diverse and highly talented team who live and breathe robotics.  We believe that work must have a high “cool” factor and every day should bring new knowledge. We need more passionate people on our team who are willing and able to push the boundaries of robotics into focused and practical applications.

Clearpath is automating the world and we need your help.  Got what it takes?

About the Job

Having 10’s of robots run around our offices is great, but having hundreds of robots running around inside our computers is even better. Rich simulation environments offer a wide range of benefits to many aspects of our business: fast research, development and validation, sharp marketing tools and strong customer experience / support. Click here to see the type of demos you will be doing!

We're looking for a Simulation Developer to create and run simulations that will help us optimize our robot fleets and system solutions. You will be responsible for leading-edge simulation solutions ranging from initial concept development to analysis and optimization. You will be building material flow strategies (based on self-driving vehicles) for products already in our arsenal and ones that do not yet exist. Your goal is to develop accurate and robust simulations to evaluate design, lower risk, and enhance the elegance of our solutions to fuel our growth. 

You will assist in the designing, reviewing and eventual testing while not forgetting troubleshooting of whatever we're building. You may be required to take robots for walks, and are able to cope with the questioning stares of onlookers.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Creating simulations for real and hypothetical systems, and estimating fleet sizes
  • Validating models against real-world data to maintain accuracy relative to product portfolio
  • Analyzing results and making recommendations for facility and material flow design
  • Growing and improving our simulation library
  • Consulting with project leads, sales team member and customers to obtain an understanding of the requirements and to collect the necessary inputs
  • Presenting your simulation results to our team of engineers, our sales team, and to clients
  • Creating scalable architectures for mass deployment of simulation
  • Recommending product feature and improvement ideas that lead to greater system optimization in the real world

Additional tasks may include:

  • Aiding in drafting functional specifications, proposals and effort estimation
  • Interacting with our development team as necessary to come up with new ideas
  • Developing simulation models to assisting Sales & Marketing in demonstrating Clearpath's products and capabilities
  • Using your expertise to assist our engineering services group in developing the more complex system concepts
  • Taking an active part in developing test plans for new products and at times implementing those tests

About You

You're excited about the role that robots will play in the future, and intrigued by the challenge of joining a young company in this high-growth market. You have skills and experience that you know can make a difference with the Clearpath team, whether we're looking for them or not. You are driven, view work as more than just a job, and are never satisfied with a project left half-done. You are motivated by making an impact on your workplace and you thrive on challenging and rewarding problems.

Most of all, you want to be on the right side during the coming robot revolution.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Critical Thinking with a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing problem
  • Experience with some form of simulation (static/dynamic/kinematic/process/system) and understanding of its limitations
  • You see block diagrams and flow charts everywhere and speak the language.
  • Avid self-learner
  • Incessant questioning of your own and other’s assumptions
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and manage deadlines.
  • Fearless in asking questions even when you think you are the only one who does not have the answer.
  • Team player, good communicator, able to cope with sarcasm.
  • Able to cope with sudden jarring changes in projects, priorities, and the local gravity field.

Bonus Points for:

  • Experience creating system simulations using tools like Simio, AutoMod, AnyLogic, FlexSim, Delmia
  • Familiarity with Facility planning or material flow design.
  • Experience with Object-Oriented programming
  • Working Knowledge of one or more of C#, Python, VB.NET
  • Past participation in simulation challenges
  • Past experience with building robots or other vehicles.

Career Development & Training:

Experience the environment in a young company, build cool stuff, and get exposure to what the leading robotics researchers in the world are working on. The more you put into this job, the more you'll get out.

NOTE: Must be able to travel to the U.S at time of application.

Clearpath is committed to supporting a culture of diversity and accessibility across the organization.  We hire the best talent regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, age, sex, veteran status or sexual orientation. If you require special accommodation to complete any portion of the application or interview process, please contact 1-800-301-3863.