Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations

Whenever you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, it’s likely a crucial conversation is keeping you stuck. Whether it’s a problem with poor quality, slow time-to-market, declining customer satisfaction, or a strained relationship—whatever the issue—if you can’t talk honestly with nearly anybody about almost anything, you can expect poor results.


Crucial Conversations teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics—at all levels of your organization. By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), you’ll surface the best ideas, make the highest-quality decisions, and then act on your decisions with unity and commitment.


Crucial Conversations is two full days and focuses on teaching skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue. Crucial Conversations are defined as a discussion between people where the stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions run strong.


What will I learn?

You can expect to learn how to:

  • speak persuasively, not abrasively

  • foster teamwork and better decision making

  • build acceptance rather than resistance

  • resolve individual and group disagreements

Who is it for?

  • People Managers

  • Technical Leads

  • Project Managers

  • Anyone who works with cross-disciplinary teams


Program Date: November 26 & 28, 2019


Registration fees:

This program is limited to Communitech Member companies only. If you’re a non-member and would like to learn more about Communitech Membership, click here.