Fierce Conversations


Fierce Conversations (2 Days)

Careers and companies succeed or fail, one conversation at a time.

Communication skills are essential. Successful projects and programs, strategies and initiatives, partnerships and relationships all require collaboration and buy-in that is only accomplished through clear, ongoing conversations. Conversations forge meaningful connections and spark wholehearted execution. They are the foundation for healthy cultures and the cornerstone of great leadership.

Fierce Conversations provides practical tools and techniques for handling all types of conversations, whether it is running team meetings, coaching, or confronting difficult behaviour.

During the workshop, you’ll use your most pressing topics to practice techniques, test out new methods, and gather feedback. You’ll leave the session with a game plan for moving forward, having already achieved progress on the issues most important to you.

Who is it for?

  • People managers with direct reports

  • HR leaders

Program Dates: November 27, 2019 & December 4, 2019

Registration fees:

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