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Plum is destined to change the way you find a career. The reason why people fail in jobs? 89% is because of attitude fit, and not skill level. Interested in helping millions of career seekers find careers based on who they are not what they’ve done? Then Plum is for you.

We are a four year old company, are agile, have raving fans, customers, recurring revenue, a massive market, funding, three national awards, coverage in WIRED and The Atlantic, widespread support across the United States and Canada, throughout Africa and many other emerging markets – all in less than a year and a half. Plum is on track to be a household name in a few years, and finally, is extremely humble (cough). J

For companies with too many applicants, Plum not only helps match for job fit and company culture, it is also the only tool on the market that identifies high potential applicants before anyone picks up a resume. Come help us bring real change to the traditional hiring process!


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